Enhancing relations between
Switzerland & Armenia 

We foster and promote friendly relations between Switzerland and Armenia in the cultural, economic, social and political spheres. Highlights of our activities include creation of the Parliamentary Friendship Group Switzerland-Armenia (PGArm), bilateral foreign delegation visits, and formation of the Switzerland-Armenia Chamber of Commerce to facilitate international business.

Shared values, shared missions

The aim of the Switzerland-Armenia Association (GSA) is to foster and promote friendly relations between Switzerland and Armenia in the cultural, economic, social and political spheres.


Through our projects, GSA strengthens the exchange between the Swiss and Armenian populations and the mutual understanding of the culture and history of the two countries.


GSA takes a stand on current politics concerning Armenian issues and supports projects that contribute to a better understanding of Armenia’s historical and cultural heritage in Switzerland. We also strive to provide political and economic impulses from Switzerland that can fall on fertile ground in Armenia.


We are convinced that the two small states can benefit enormously from the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience, and that Switzerland, with its long democratic and humanitarian tradition, can play an important role in the development of political stability and economic prosperity in Armenia.


Switzerland is the second largest importer of Armenian products (after Russia) and the eleventh largest exporter of goods to Armenia. Switzerland mainly exports pharmaceutical products and machinery, and imports watch-making products and textiles. The GSA was instrumental in establishing the Swiss-Armenian Chamber of Commerce in Baar in 2017.


The GSA has also arranged for bilateral delegation visits, such as National Council President Dominique de Buman’s visit to Armenia in 2018, and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s visit to Switzerland in 2019. 

Our Actions

The Switzerland-Armenia Association (GSA) develops bilateral economic relations between both States and actively supports and promotes the self-determination rights of Nagorno-Karabakh Armenians at both the Swiss Federal and regional levels. We actively contribute to the public and political discourse in order to raise awareness of Armenia’s challenges including the war of Autumn 2020. We also foster cultural sharing and understanding through educational programs and events.

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