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Founded in 1992, the GSA gives a powerful voice to Armenian interests in Switzerland through political lobbying, network building, cultural exchange, and media engagement.  We are a donor-funded, nonprofit NGO.


Serving all of Switzerland’s regions, the GSA is known by several names: officially in German as the Gesellschaft Schweiz Armenien (GSA), in English as the Switzerland-Armenia Association (SAA), and in French as the Association Suisse-Arménie (ASA).

Success Stories

We are proud of our success stories: the GSA has successfully lobbied the Swiss National Council to formally recognize the Armenian Genocide, regularly speaks on behalf of Armenia in major Swiss media outlets, established the Parliamentary Friendship Group Switzerland-Armenia (PGArm), arranged bilateral foreign delegation visits, initiated the formation of the Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Armenia for Swiss investors and Armenian entrepreneurs, organized multiple rallies & demonstrations in support of peace & human rights, and provides a central point of contact for a broad range of specialized Armenian groups and organizations operating across Switzerland.

Looking Ahead

Switzerland plays a major role for Armenia, and our mission today is more important than ever. Switzerland is Armenia’s second-largest export market, Switzerland has economic relationships with Turkey and Azerbaijan, Switzerland contributes development aid to Armenia, and Switzerland is the seat of major international bodies and NGO’s such as the United Nations. Read about our key issues to learn more about our specific initiatives.

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Meet our Leadership

The GSA is driven by passionate and determined people from all walks of life, who are committed to the belief that Armenian voices matter. Our board includes community and business leaders from throughout the country.

Stefan Mueller Altermatt - GSA - Switzerland Armenia Association


Sarkis Shahinian - GSA - Gesellschaft Schweiz-Armenien

Co-Chair & Hon. President

Andreas Burger - GSA - Gesellschaft Schweiz-Armenien


Alexander Brincken - GSA - Switzerland Armenia
Dr. Alexander


Brigitte Schmid Gugler - GSA - Switzerland Armenia Association

Member of the Board

Andreas Dreisiebner - GSA - Gesellschaft Schweiz-Armenien

Member of the Board

Stefan Bolt headshot gsa switzerland armenia
J. Bolt

Member of the Board

Our Areas of Interest


We support democracy, political transparency and responsible governance. We promote freedom, human rights, and self-determination. We evaluate Swiss political candidates and encourage Armenians to participate in the Swiss democratic process.


We promote public (and political) education and awareness regarding Armenian interests, issues, culture, and regional affairs. Topics include Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), the Armenian genocide, war crimes, and Turkish & Azeri issues.


We endeavor to secure of humanitarian & development aid, and facilitate bilateral business opportunities via government policy. We act as a watchdog for violators of CSR and those engaged in irresponsible and amoral businesses practices, such as SOCAR.


We organize and align Armenian expats, diaspora, organizations, and businesses throughout Switzerland. We facilitate dialogue and network building.


We cultivate and encourage friendly, cultural, and economic relations between Switzerland and Armenia. We stimulate shared values and interests. We develop networks with like-minded organizations around the world.

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