The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide was committed by Ottoman Turks during World War I. Today’s Turkey continues its shameful attempt to rewrite history and deny responsibility. Our lobbying contributed to Switzerland officially recognizing this terrible crime in 2003, but the fight for recognition around the world continues. We push back against Turkish propaganda and demand recognition of the truth.

Fighting for Recognition 

Between 1915 and 1918, approximately one and a half million Armenians were victims of systematic massacres and deportations by the regime of Young Turks. Based on authentic and objective facts, experts qualify these events as genocide according to the United Nations Genocide Convention. There was a deliberate, planned and systematically applied will to exterminate all Armenians from the Ottoman Empire.


Turkey, which prides itself on a rich past, rejects this part of its heritage and refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide as a historical fact. While Swiss law made it a crime to deny the Armenian Genocide, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2015 that a Turkish politician’s conviction of the law violated his right to freedom of speech.

Our Actions

The GSA continues to fight for recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Switzerland and abroad. We push back against Turkish propaganda and demand recognition of the truth. Recognition of the genocide by the Federal Council of Switzerland is more important than ever. Not only for Armenia, but also on behalf of other ethnic groups such as the Kurds and Assyrians who still suffer today at the hand of Turkey’s oppression. We call on Switzerland to forcefully reject these hateful crimes against humanity. 

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