Azerbaijan Attacks Southern Armenia: Swiss Federal Council Should Intervene

Azerbaijan attacks Armenia 3

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Ongoing Attack by Azerbaijan Against Southern Armenia: The Federal Council Should Finally Intervene

On the morning of Tuesday, November 16, 2021, Azerbaijan launched a new attack on the Armenian base in Ishkhanassar (Armenia). The aim is obviously to take the Goris-Gapan-Meghri motorway and thereby cut off all of southern Armenia from the rest of the country. Azerbaijan wants to put into practice its long-announced intention to connect the exclave of Nakhitchewan, which borders Turkey directly, with the rest of Azerbaijan. Ten Armenians have already been killed in the fighting on the territory of the sovereign state of Armenia and two bases within Armenia have been captured by Azerbaijani troops.

Other governments abroad (such as those of the United States, France, and the Netherlands) had denounced Azerbaijani behavior since November 9, 2020 as contrary to international law. Baku grossly violated a number of international law and humanitarian principles during the 44-day war in autumn 2020. The GSA (Switzerland-Armenia Association) demands from the Federal Council an unequivocal condemnation of Azerbaijan and a clear distancing from Baku’s expansionist intentions towards Armenia. Equal treatment of the two parties by Switzerland is no longer acceptable.

Sarkis Shahinian
Honorary President of the Switzerland-Armenia Society (GSA)

Azerbaijan attacks Armenia

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